Download Inbound Marketing Case Study

Showing you how to emulate our success

Genroe is a boutique customer experience consultancy, but for our size we generate a lot of website traffic and hundreds of first page Google search engine results.

For instance, recently, we decided prospects might need to "Calculate NPS in Excel". 6 weeks later we had the number 1 Google search ranking and 13% of people coming to the page become members of our list.

Or, to give you a broader measure of how many leads our site provides, it currently collects 38 new contacts per day, 7 days a week.

Best Practices

In this case study we review our business goals and how have achieved these results.

The case study includes tips and tricks to:
  • Get first page rankings for high value phrases
  • Create posts that visitors want to read
  • Engage visitors and convert them to prospects ready to be nurtured into sale.