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You’ve spent weeks working through the numbers to unpick what customers are saying. After checking through the data and analysing a range of root causes, you have created a practical plan to solve a key customer issue.

Your presentation nails each of the points you want to make. It starts right up front with the bad news: Net Promoter data for the business group in question.

So how is it that 3 minutes in, you’re under attack on the very first slide? A senior manager is pointing accusingly at the screen:

I don’t believe that NPS – you don’t have a big enough sample size.

More and more people are hearing about sample size and are using their half knowledge to frustrate the customer feedback process.

In this webinar we’ll be looking at what sample sizes really mean and provide practical advice on how to use information in your analysis and reports.

We will cover:

  • What sample size actually means
  • How you use it in your analysis
  • Simple Excel approaches to understand and test your data
  • How to compare NPS scores


On Demand Webinar
How to Calculate and Use Survey Sample Size